Facebook or Twitter – Which One To Choose To Advertise?

  • December 22, 2016

Facebook or Twitter - Which One To Choose To AdvertiseOf all the social media sites‚ Facebook and Twitter have raced ahead of others on the popularity chart. And that’s precisely why they are being targeted more by marketers. The one question for which marketers are curious to find the right answer is:

Given the choice of advertising on either Facebook or Twitter‚ which one would they choose and why?

Similar In Many Ways But Understanding The Subtle Differences Is Important

One fact that most advertisers are aware of is that both Facebook and Twitter advertising platforms function in a similar way and serve similar purposes. You are likely to target the same set of users but only on different platforms. To make a decision on which platform to choose among the two‚ it is important to first understand how they work.

Facebook and Twitter advertisements work in a similar manner including the process of creating their campaigns but there are some differences too‚ albeit subtle ones. Understanding them can help in taking the first step towards choosing the right platform.

Facebook Gives You The Crucial Targeting Option

Facebook ads are driven by a bidding process. Your marketing and advertising objective decides the bidding and the pricing too is influenced by the bidding strategy of competitors. On Facebook‚ you have the option of paying for views or results. On the face of it‚ this might appear as a fairly complex form of advertising. However‚ marketers believe that the targeting options that FB offers could be the secret behind effectiveness of ads on this platform.

However‚ advertising on Facebook is a challenging game that only experienced and dyed-in-the-wool marketers can play because they keep changing their system by introducing newer tools and buttons. While using additional targeting options‚ you can add:

  • Keywords
  • Followers
  • Interests
  • TV targeting
  • Behaviors
  • Tailored audiences

Your Advertising Options On Twitter

Advertising on Twitter is almost similar to that of Facebook as far as placing bids and running campaigns are concerned. Their bidding and targeting strategies also run on the same lines as Facebook. Automatic targeting is no longer available on Twitter but advertisers are allowed the choice of a campaign objective. These include:

  • Tweet engagements
  • Clicks and conversations
  • App engagements/installs
  • Twitter leads

On Twitter‚ you can still opt for custom ad campaigns using promoted tweets if you are not particularly interested in objectives-driven campaigns. Pricing on Twitter is different. You have to pay only when users take an action that is in sync with the objective you have chosen. In other words‚ you pay only when you get the precise kind of results you expect from the campaign.

Want Better Reach – Facebook Is A Better Option

When it comes to reach of your ads‚ no prices for guessing the winner. Facebook wins this one hands down. It does a great job of providing your brand name the optimum reach because it has significantly more monthly users than Twitter. In terms of cost and bidding prices too‚ Facebook is miles ahead and likely to remain in the lead unless Twitter slashes its price. Facebook does better in overall traffic referrals too as it drives about 20% more traffic than Twitter for most sites.

Twitter pulls ahead of Facebook in average click-through rates.

When it comes to mobile optimization‚ it is seen that users spend more time on Twitter than Facebook and they also indulge in more engagement such as likes and retweets.

The Verdict:

It is clear that both Facebook and Twitter ad platforms have their strengths and weaknesses but Facebook is the preferred one because of the many advantages it offers on various key aspects of advertising.

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