The Attire vendors to attract GIPSI women and girls through the Gypsy fashion, A small boutique transformed to a branded online shopping brand especially for the customers in Dubai. High quality designs for girls and women has been shipped world wide in a very short span of time. More Shopping and More fun!


The Gipsi team had an idea of attracting the GIPSI women and girls through the Gypsy fashion. They just had the idea and had no way to bring it to the reality.


The Togglers team, came with an idea of beautiful Website which forecasted all the gypsy design clothing for women, girls and kids. They also helped them to have the brand identity, Server maintenance, digital marketing of the website etc.


As the effective guidance given to the “GIPSISOUL-Ecommerce”, they have the below successful points in their business world.

  • From its humble beginning as the first small boutique of its kind in Covent Garden Market Dubai.
  • The Gipsi brand has become ever popular by its followers throughout the Middle East.
  • The GIPSI brand features the latest trends in vintage collections for women who live free through fashion, art, music and travel.
  • The Concept offers high quality relaxed fashion and accessories for women and girls.


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