Event Folks

An area to get the event origanizing professionals in a single click. Events in todays's day to day life has become more important, we come across lot of events like Wedding,Corporate Events, Festival, Family get together etc. This "Event Folks" is a platform where we get lot of event organizers on different types of areas like Photography,Food vendors, cake vendors, etc. This is friendly platform for both the customers and the Vendors.


Event folks, came with an idea of bringing all the event organizing professionals under a single portfolio, where the customers can have the quick as well as the best pick of the people organizing various events in India.


Team togglers, understood the basic idea, did analysis on bringing all the event organising professionals, designed the website by having all the contact details and the companies for the specified programs for corporates and also for personal events.

Digital marketing for the efficient show casing of the website was also done for “Event folks” through togglers.


As the effective guidance given to the “Event folks”, they have the below successful points in their business world.

  • Successful professionals of India together in a single platform.
  • Brand Identity
  • Server Maintenance.
  • More Users/Service Providers for successful business.


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