Some of the Greatest Creations Of Social Media

  • August 28, 2016

The almost endless reach of social media site makes it the favorite abode of companies and brands trying to take their products and services to a larger audience. Social media is patronized by people of all types so it is obvious that you cannot have a one-size fits all approach to social media marketing. Brands have to innovate constantly to remain in the limelight and grab the attention of their audience. Some brands have cracked the code to find super success on social media better than others.

We look at some of the top brands that absolutely rule the social media today with its brilliant management of social media. They are some of the greatest success stories on social media today.


Netflix Greatest Social Media Creation

Netflix‚ the big daddy of video rentals that has revolutionized the way we watch movies and TV shows‚ is one of the biggest successes on social media. Winner of the ‘The Best in Social Media’ in Creative Use of Technology‚ Netflix has been planning and structuring campaigns that allow them to keep engagement levels with fans at a consistent high. Their trademark on social media is humor and that’s what makes this brand extremely likeable.

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Oreo Greatest Social Media Creation

Oreo is another big winner on social media. Over the past few years‚ the company has created an impactful presence on social media channels with some truly interesting campaigns. Their campaign that centered on the Super Bowl Blackout was re-tweeted tens of thousands of times. Oreo has thrived and thrilled on social media by using simple graphics in a fun and innovative manner.

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Pampers Greatest Social Media Creation

Another unlikely winner that has been creating storms on social media is Pampers – the diaper company. Pampers makes smart use of social media channels‚ not only to market its product but also to bring to-be parents together to share their thoughts and advice. From the number of followers they are gaining on various social media channels‚ it is clear that Pampers has hit the bull’s eye.

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Dove Greatest SocialMediaCreation

Getting women over your side is a sure-fire way of achieving success on social media and going by their recent campaigns‚ it is very apparent that Dove has struck the right chord. “Dove is committed to helping women realize their beauty potential by creating products that deliver real care” – reads the brand’s Twitter tagline and it is pulling in women in large numbers to their social medic channel. Dove has gained expertise in creating content that makes women feel really good. That’s more than half the battle won!

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Royal Dutch Airlines


Royal Dutch Airlines are experts in using social media for engaging with customers on almost everything associated with customer service making them a darling of their customers – well‚ at least a majority of them. They understand the reach and power of social media platform better than most others and are committed to answering all tweets and responses – even if the tweet is a particularly nasty one from a customer in a delayed flight waiting on the tarmac to takeoff. In a highly appreciated move‚ the airlines company even offers an estimated response time on its Twitter header photo. Clearly‚ they have taken the meaning of caring for customers to a new level.

More and more companies and brands are spending a substantial portion of their marketing and advertising revenue on social media campaigns in an effort to impress customers and gain more followers. That’s why you can find an increasing number of companies trying to woo you in different ways to follow them and become their customers.

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