How Social Media Platforms Are Impacting Your SEO/Digital Marketing

  • October 21, 2016

The growing popularity of social media and the high esteem that blogging attracts has definitely impacted digital marketing in many ways. Many experts believe that social media and SEO are two horses of the same chariot and are racing in tandem towards a common goal of attracting new visitors. At the same time‚ social media has changed the very parameters of measuring relevancy and popularity of a site.

Social Media Platforms and Digital Marketing

Influencing The Influencers – The Key To Online Marketing Success

Thanks to social media platform‚ everyone has an opinion and importantly‚ they can voice them powerfully. There are audiences waiting on Facebook and Twitter to know what the popular opinion of a specific product or service. Their purchasing strategy is based on the opinion of influencers and others whom they follow. At the same time‚ the control and power of making or breaking a brand is gradually shifting to consumers.

Marketing executives and businesses are aware of this crucial fact and are tweaking their digital marketing strategies to enhance their online presence. That’s why you will find that almost all businesses‚ big or small‚ now have their own Facebook page and Twitter handle to manage their social media presence. Companies are using these platforms to create strategies after they have thoroughly evaluated the analytics to understand and then accommodate the demands and needs of consumers. Social media can be used to make your digital marketing and SEO outcomes more powerful.

Key Takeaways of Using The Power of Social Media in Your Campaigns.

  • You can magnify your content distribution and cover a larger audience
  • Links from social media can accelerate content indexation
  • High visibility, likes and shares can improve content life
  • Traffic to websites can increase when users follow links from social media
  • A strong social media presence can do wonders to your brand recognition
  • You can understand which type of content is working better and make adjustments to your content strategy

Companies can leverage the social media prowess to do positive things to their brand image. With the digital marketing landscape changing‚ they too are making the necessary adjustments to deliver what the market needs.

Find A Strategy To Get More Likes And Followers

Digital marketing experts are of the opinion that search engine optimization efforts of an organization can get a shot in the arm as they are boosted by social signals.  However‚ digital marketing experts must know how to read the minds of their audience and make the necessary adjustments to their SEO campaigns. If you can get more people to like‚ follow and recommend your brand on social media, the chances of your website getting a major push up in the search rankings becomes a reality.

Marketers must focus on promoting company branding in a creative and impactful manner and on a regular basis too. Social media users have the ability to keep the memory of your brand alive among a large group of people by sharing your page on their walls. This can be a great way of create awareness about your product, which can help you gain more followers and customers. You just have to find a way of influencing the minds of your social media audience in a positive way.

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Kanika is an expert in digital marketing with a series of successful campaigns to her credit. As the Digital Marketing Manager, she has been instrumental in bringing in newer ideas and innovative ways of implementing them for broader success. She help businesses to understand the tremendous power and reach of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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