Get successful with these amazing Pillars of Web Application Development

  • December 13, 2016

In modern times, the development of web application is different from the earlier days of information technology. The older day fashion is all null and void when it comes to changes in the market strategies and planning. These days the ideologies, requirements and other necessities in order to plan a good web application are different and depend on business and market trend. Here are a few staunch rules that you can follow in order to produce an application that is fit according to the modern technology.

PILLAR1: Productivity means creating well-maintained application timely. 

Obviously, speed includes productivity but that does not mean that the developer should create a haphazard product. There are different kinds apps in general, some simple, some complex. Each of them has unique requirements. If the developer hurries unnecessarily, he might mix up the specs of both ultimately making the app redundant and useless.

Productivity means balancing all the three-

  • Time
  • Efficiency
  • Quality

PILLAR 2: Quality matters

Just following the specs does not determine the app’s quality. Rather an application should be apt to suit present conditions and are also suitable for future changes. It should be able to adapt changes according to the user’s business.  It should be able to solve user’s long-term needs and should be easy and adjustable.

PILLAR 3: User first ALWAYS

Now is a point of COMMON SENSE. Just like another commodity, keep the user first. The key to a good web productivity is that the user should find the material useful. Putting too many things in one place or making use of redundant technology will never give the users a great experience. Think of the user first and then build the interface.

PILLAR 4: SECURITY is a great concern

Generally, security is something that we look forward to in the end. We finally end the security after building up the entire app. But! But! But! This is the biggest mistake that you can do.  Authentication protocol, access control, and confidential data is the first thing that is attacked by the cyber criminals.  The security should be embedded into the app. This is necessary to prevent problems. The development of the app and its security should go hand in hand.

One of the key elements of web developments is language. These days specializing in one language is just not enough.  JavaScript, UX principles or modern architecture, it should all be used in modern web application construction.

PILLAR 6: Dynamic in nature

The app design should be viewable on multiple screens.  It’s very general for people to use varied devices and therefore your layout should be compatible for all kinds.

PILLAR 7:  SPEED OF THE APPS is a big scorer

Again, a general point! The speed plays a major role to determine the app usability. Therefore, the speed of data handling is very important and otherwise it will lay a bad impact on the business.

These are some staunch rules that you must follow in order to product quality app. If you skip any of these, you may end up wasting your time and energy.


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