15 Different ways to get high quality traffic to your website

  • January 10, 2017

As a Blogger or an Entrepreneur what it that they wanted? They ever wanted to have more customers for their business, How can we reach our targets close to getting more Potential Customers for our business?
This Article will show you all the Important Considerations you need to follow in order to get a Healthy Website Running.

Sales Funnel

A Proper sales funnel is always essential in order for you to get more Customers for your business. A sales Funnel will help you to guide the visitor landing on your page via several sources to be your potential Lead who is interested in your Business or your Blog. When Your Company is B2B based, there is a high chance of conversion which happens when you direct your visitors to the right Funnel to produce you Leads.
It is always Mandatory for you to maintain the conversions for your website since the people who provide their information and verify the Email are likely to be interested in your product and are more likely to check your website in future when you perform drip Marketing.

Provide Give Away

Make sure your company has a Blog with Quality Content. It is always necessary for you to update the Blog regularly in order to provide an insight to the search engine that new content is being added to your website for them to bring up some traffic.

There is just no use of bringing visitors to our website. For Example, if we get 5000 Visitors per day organically, if we are not going to have an engagement with them there is a mere less chance that we get repeated visitors. The Goal of the Blog is only to make a Good Percentage of Conversations.

Make Sure You Build Your Email List by providing a special giveaway for your Visitors in order for them to be your potential Leads.


The above is the Example of How to Give Away Based Promotion works. It always increases your conversion percentage by 50% than Normal.

Keyword Research

It is always necessary for you to perform Keyword research, since without using proper keywords which are friendly with Google No one is ever going to Read the Blog. Make sure the Keyword you select should have High Number of search History.

How to Perform Keyword Research?

There are several Tools for you in order to make keyword research. The Best tools you could use are as Follows

  1. Google Keyword Planner
  2. Keyword.io
  3. Moz.com
  4. Hittail

You can use whichever tools you wanted but it is necessary for you to make sure you use Long Tail keywords rather than using a short keyword which has more competition.

Here is an example that show how to use Google Keyword Planner to Perform Keyword Research and Choose Optimal Keywords for your Content

Navigate to your Google Ad words and Proceed to Tools, Google Keyword Planner

  1. Enter the Seed Keyword for the related Article you wanted to promote on your Blog, Consider I Now search for “Apple iPhone” as my Product which I wish to sell is related to iPhone.
  2. Make Sure You Refine Your Search History based on Your Location.


If you know your competitor has good Traffic and you wish to check out his keyword you can enter your competitor’s Landing Page and Click “Get ideas“.


So the above keywords are the related keywords which are searched by the people of Dubai. I would prefer you to choose a list 20 keywords onto your spreadsheet and target those keywords for a while on the Search Engine which would bring you a good flow of visitors.

You can also use Google keyword planner to look for keywords which are very highly getting searched and make a special post targeting the keyword to make way for visitors to dive into your website

For Example, if you can spot out “People searching for best digital marketing company Dubai” at Google keyword planner then it is the right strategy you can adapt to make an article which provides a key for the Answer, For Instance, A Blog Post like the Following, will be very useful for all the people who comes down to your website.

“Top 10 Best Digital Marketing companies in Dubai”

Make an Engagement Based Audience

Make sure you provide a Loyal Contents and Updates to your Subscribers. Building a Brand for the Mail you send is very important for your website to have a good number of recurring Traffic.

If your website has a good number of recurring traffic then you can be sure that the Audience are serious about your content and they tend to drop down to your website.

Ethical Competitor Traffic

It is always necessary for you to perform a “Competitor Analysis”. Make sure what kind of customers or visitors your competitor is getting and try to target the Audience of your competitor.

There are several ways you can get your competitor Audience Ethically

Google Ads



In Above case when visitors searches for the buffer, Hoot suite has made an Ad word Ads Targeting the keyword of the Competitor in order for them to be listed on the First Search Result of Google.

Facebook Ads

Facebook has an Interest-based Targeting which is essential for us to filter the Audience of our Service or Product. So how can this be used for us to target the Audience of our Competitor

Every Facebook competitor has a certain number of fans they have which can be targeted by adding their Brand name or their Landing Page on the Interest based Fields.

Guest Blogging

Guest Blogging is very necessary for you to bring a good number of visitors for your website to enrich your Email List. Guest Blogging always builds a Brand for the Person who Authors the website and in turn brings a large number of potential serious visitors to your website.

What should you have to do?

Always make sure you guest Blog on a website which has a large number of Authority. It is always important to choose a High Authority website or it is very difficult for you to expect traffic to your website.

Consider you write Article on a less Authority website where there is a very less flow of Visitors. There is likely very less audience you can expect to land on your page. But if you are selecting a high Ranking page, The Chance of Visitors flowing to your website will increase to a greater Extent.

Build Whatsapp Visitors

WhatsApp visitors are very less target by most of the companies as it is quite new in Existence. Build a Community of People with the similar interest and make sure you make a constant engagement with your subscribers.

Make a Proper Campaign for you to build a Trust in order for people to provide their Phone Number where you can send an update with a frequency of time.


WhatsApp Marketing is a new technique which is practiced and not much companies are into WhatsApp Marketing which has a very high chance of getting your visitor.

Timely Share of Social

It should always be noted that the “Time of share” is very important for you to perform the Marketing on every social Media.

In order for you to share the content you make, it is always necessary for you to know the Algorithm of how Facebook work.

Facebook Timely share Algorithm 

When an article is shared on Facebook it has an intelligent Algorithm which tries to rank the Article and Rate the Article based on the user Reaction to the Article.

For Example, if you Share an Article On Facebook, Facebook shares the article to few other people of same interest in order to know the quality of the Article. If the Impressions and the Engagements of the articles are matching it tends to show the Article to more views on Facebook.

So it is always necessary for you to make an experiment when you get MAX number of users viewing your posts. For Example, Research studies that People returning from their workplace with age group of 22 to 40 who uses their Smart Phone to a greater extent where the reach of articles can be much higher than the normal time of share.

On Page SEO

It is always necessary for a Blogger or an Entrepreneur to check whether the website satisfies all the checklist of the ON-Page SEO.

Make sure you select a good “Trending” Keyword with a high number of search and try optimizing the keyword on every content of the Page. Make sure you use the Focus Keyword for all the Alternative tags of images.

There are several lists of other factors which are important in order to markup the keyword to a greater extent.

Follow this checklist to complete your ONPAGE SEO

Facebook & Twitter Ads

Framing a budget and calculating an ROI is very important for you to know how well the campaign is executed on Facebook and Twitter.

Make a frame of total Monthly budget and split the budget on Daily Basis. Now you can use the forecast on Facebook and Twitter to know the complete reference of how much you spend for getting the ROI.

Twitter and Facebook Ads will be very efficient for you to bring out good sales with B2C and Linked will be a very great target for you to get into B2B.

Invite Several Other Guest Bloggers

It should always be preferred to invite several other Guest bloggers who can make a good quality content for your website. But do make sure the content which the Guest Blogger provides will have a good Quality to it.

Guest Bloggers from a reputed websites with good traffic can build your traffic to a greater extent and build a Brand. But however more check has to be made since there are several guest bloggers who spam which may lead to the penalty.

Make More Internal Site Links

Try to make sure you add more Site Links to your Blog Article. Search Engine does rank the Site Links which you have checking the Authority of the site link.

Apart From Backlinking your blog in several other platforms it is necessary for you to be sure that you add high authority site links to your blogs so that the spiders of Google can check the Authenticity of the site link and will promote your blog too.

Do Proper Email Marketing

Email Marketing is a very big niche to hold back the previous visitors and build a brand by making them comment on your website to create an engagement.

There are several different Email Marketing tools which provide for free of cost for certain extent. For Instance, Mail Chimp is an Email marketing Tool which provides free trial for up to 2000 Subscribers.

You can segment the Email as Inactive, Active, and Non-Responding Audience in order to market them separately.

Speed of Website

Loading speed of a website is very important for you to make sure you never loose visitors. For instance, you make a promotion on Facebook and Twitter and land the visitors on your Landing page for you to get a good number of visitors.

But if you make a visitor stay for your page to load then it would be very difficult for you to get their Leads to make a Fruitful Engagement.

Check your website performance in Google Page speed insight tool.

Host Webinars

Online webinars will help you to bring website visitors to a very great extent. People are more likely to accept the invitation of a Free webinar invite and increase in conversions can be expected.

Make sure you do the required Drip marketing in order to follow up the visitors of webinars to make them tuned on the same Lane. It is essential for you to send frequent updates of a webinar and the reminder for the webinar 24 hours before the webinar is going to start. A post-webinar can also be uploaded to YouTube and a Separate Video Marketing can be performed in order for you to gain a good amount of traffic to your website.


Well, that just about does it for today’s post. If you’ve got your own tips for increasing traffic to your website, I’d love to hear them. Please comment your tips here.




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