Why Digital Marketing Services Are Expensive and More Time-Consuming Than Ecommerce Websites

  • November 3, 2016

Before we analyze why digital marketing is more expensive and time-consuming than setting up an ecommerce website‚ we must understand the key areas of difference between the two. While both these types of marketing processes are aimed at driving customers to your website‚ in digital marketing the process ends with conversion of leads into real customers. In ecommerce business‚ the process is completed when consumers complete their online transaction.


The Key Difference

Digital marketing for products is nearly the same as marketing for these products through conventional mediums such as TV‚ radio or print. The difference is that digital marketing is social and interactive and that’s where the cost element comes in. Digital marketing involves a whole spectrum of elements which work in tandem to deliver the desired outcome.

A Relatively Complex Operation

Marketing of the products or services online involves planning strategies and creating techniques that are specific to the needs and demands of an enterprise. In digital marketing‚ there is no one size fits all formula. Strategies have to be constantly tweaked and customized to meet the changing demands of customers and the evolving marketplace. These strategies include website designing, search engine optimization, e-mail marketing, online promotions‚ blogs and others.

You need to hire an internet marketing service or professional to conceptualize‚ plan‚ develop and deploy your online marketing strategies. Digital marketing consultants do not come cheap; especially the top names in business. They come with a whole team of experts who are trained to handle different aspects of online marketing. Creating a customized digital marketing strategy is not a one-off thing. It can involve several sessions of brainstorming among the team and also with your in-house marketing professionals. It is a time-consuming exercise that has no full stop because your website needs constant tweaking.

Digital Marketing Needs Constant And Major Tweaks

Even if your website hits high ranking on Google and other top search engines‚ you will have to engage experts to retain your numero uno position because your competitors too will be trying hard to grab that top spot. Digital marketing is an ongoing and continuous process and innovation has to be a critical component of your strategy. Consumers and markets are transforming fast and if you don’t play the catch up game‚ you could easily lose grip.

Ecommerce Is More About Individual Buyers

In comparison‚ ecommerce is less difficult to handle. While the core objective of digital marketing is to enhance customer engagement and increase awareness about products and services‚ ecommerce marketing is directed more towards individual buyers. It also takes into account their interaction with manufacturers/sellers. Ecommerce sites need more back-end development. It is more about choosing the right shopping carts and integrating them with your inventory and distribution systems.

Of course‚ ecommerce websites too have to engage in analytics‚ testing‚ SEO and optimization but on a different level. These websites generally attract a huge amount of traffic on a regular basis because of which a slight increase in conversion rate can result in huge improvement in sales.

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