Digital Marketing: In-House Experts VS Agency VS Freelancers – Which One Should You Choose

  • December 18, 2016

You are planning to market your online business and want to have a digital marketing strategy in place. What is the way ahead? You have three options available to give shape to your digital marketing plans. You can use your own in-house team of SEO experts, outsource the project to an external agency or utilize the services of a freelancer specializing in digital marketing. The challenge begins now. Which one of these is the most effective and affordable alternative? Your decision will be influenced by your specific business situation, products and services you are offering, type and size of your market and the audiences you are targeting.

Using The In-House Option:

What does an in-house digital marketing team do? You can get them to do everything – from initiating the creative process to planning to SEO and every other aspect of digital marketing.

 The Advantages:

  • You remain in control of the process from start to finish. You can utilize the services of the team as and when needed.
  • Your team will have insider expertise and will know your business and customers better than anyone else.
  • Since it is a company project, you will be probably putting in more effort than a third party.

 The Disadvantages:

  • Your digital marketing experts will not be easily available for the projects that you are handling for others. This can affect timeline of your projects.
  • You cannot scale up efforts as your in-house resource is limited. If your needs increase and you need more qualified on the task, it can pose problems.

Using The Services Of An External Agency

If you lack the time, resources and the expertise to manage your digital marketing task, then using the services of an external agency is the best option. An experienced agency will be able to handle everything from strategy to creation and implementation. You just have to keep a tab on how things develop.

The Advantages:

  • Agencies offer the twin benefits of high efficiency and scalability due to their structure and talent pool. They will have the resources and processes in place to manage everything from simple marketing plans to complex SEO strategies.
  • Your project can benefit from easy access to the latest technology and systems to give you a distinct advantage.
  • They can come up with a fresh marketing perspective which is different from the corporate mindset that your in-house team can get influenced inadvertently.

The Disadvantage:

  • It can work out to be expensive and may not be feasible for smaller businesses.
  • There is the risk that they may not understand the nuances of your industry or customers.
  • As they handle multiple projects simultaneously, your project might not get the attention it needs in terms of quality.

Using The Services Of A Freelancer

Hiring freelancers can be an effective way to manage your digital marketing strategy. You can hire freelancers for specific digital marketing tasks or handover the entire project. They will find other freelancers to form a team for the project.

The Advantages:

You only pay for the resource you need when you need it.

It can be cost-effective. Freelancers usually have low overheads and can hence offer lower quotes.

You can select freelancers per project for their specific proficiencies to get best overall results.

The Disadvantages

You can lose control and find it tough to manage the project, especially if there are many freelancers handling the project. Geographic disparity is another problem area.

It is not easy to hard to find quality freelancers. If they are not committed and reliable, meeting deadlines can be tough.

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Kanika is an expert in digital marketing with a series of successful campaigns to her credit. As the Digital Marketing Manager, she has been instrumental in bringing in newer ideas and innovative ways of implementing them for broader success. She help businesses to understand the tremendous power and reach of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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