7 Tips for Online Startup Owners To Make Your Website SEO Friendly

  • November 8, 2016

Are you a startup online business looking to find a foothold in your business niche? Ask any digital marketing expert and in all probability you will get the same piece of advice – Get your SEO right. Newcomers and novice businesses get no concession from Google or other major search engines when it comes to rankings. Everyone has to follow the rules set by Google. The right search engine optimization techniques can give your website impressive ranking even if you are a startup provided you get the SEO strategy right.


Here are a seven tips that startup owners especially must focus on to make their website SEO friendly and achieve top ranking.

Keyword Research – Have a Broader Look

Before you do anything else related to digital marketing, you must know the keywords you want to rank for. Remember, SEO is all about appearing on top pages of search results when your targeted audience search for a specific keyword or phrase. SEO experts in UAE have all expertise to choose appropriate keywords based on the product. You can also try and use keywords that offers solution to a problem because people often search using keywords that offer a solution. The process is complicated which can be made relatively simple using tools like AdWords Keyword Planner.

Make Your Website User-Friendly And Visually Appealing

You have to make the best first impression through your business website and that can be achieved by making browsing and navigation easy. By helping visitors find what they are looking for quickly, you can gain credibility. Animations, realistic web designs, and attractive backgrounds and images can be crucial factors for gaining popularity for your website.

Create a Responsive Website

With more and more internet users preferring to browse website with mobile phones, it has become imperative for businesses to have responsive website designs to gain customers’ trust. Google has updated its search engines to give higher rankings to websites that deliver a smooth user experience. Your website design should make it easy for users to access your site easily on their mobile phones. This can be done by incorporating features like larger buttons and longer scrolling and improved loading speed.

Start High Value And Informative Blog Posts

Search engines will provide higher ranking to a website that has high quality and useful content. To keep your website content fresh and updated, you can start a blog on topics relevant to your industry. List-based posts can get your website a lot of attention, so that could be a great way to start blogging. Your blog posts could also act as a problem solver for various issues that your market and industry is facing.

Make Social Media A Key Element Of Your Website Design

Search engines value social media and so do your potential customers. In today’s market situation, not having a presence on social media is unfathomable for companies. It is important that you incorporate social media elements into the design of your website for gaining better rankings. All your social media icons must be prominently displayed on your website. This will project your company as personable and boost your rankings too.

Make Your Website Secure To Improve Rankings

With incidents of cybercrimes on the rise, you simply cannot treat security of your website as an option that you can consider later when you are a more established business.  Get a SSL or Secure Socket Layer certificate for ensuring high website security. It will also make visitors feel secure while dealing with you. A secured website will get better ranking on Google.

The URL of your website must be SEO friendly, otherwise it won’t rank high. It should help search engines know what the page is all about. Make sure the categories in the link are limited. And if you want to use more words in the URL, use hyphens instead of underscores.

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Kanika is an expert in digital marketing with a series of successful campaigns to her credit. As the Digital Marketing Manager, she has been instrumental in bringing in newer ideas and innovative ways of implementing them for broader success. She help businesses to understand the tremendous power and reach of Search Engine Optimization and Social Media Marketing.

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